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Director of Innovation - Escondido Charter School District

Manage and direct the district-wide planning and implementation of the five-year technology and mobile learning strategies for four distinct, k-12 learning programs. Identify key outcomes for both students and programs and design necessary responses to insure success. Develop and showcase best practice examples, technologies, and services for educators. Design and implement staff development programs. Seek strategic partners and manage vendor relations.

Dept. Lead/Master Teacher - Escondido Charter High School

As department chair, responsible for the design, implementation, and evaluation of the technology department five-year strategic plan. As master teacher, provided mentorship and fostered talent development among high school faculty. Delivered training for entire high school faculty. Redesigned entire learning organization and delivery platform to streamline process and create efficiencies in delivery, evaluation, and ROI. While concurrently, as a teacher, managed the development, performance, and needs of more than 100 students daily.

Co-Founder - Campus Point Learning, LLC

Co-founder of educational consulting group focused on providing learning solutions for grades 6-12. Managed the consultative client planning process offering best-practice solutions, technologies, and services in professional development and process improvement. Responsible for creating strategic partnerships, client contracts, partnership agreements, and legal documents.

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